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Absolute Card Game Kickstarter Preview

Absolute Card Game

Note: This is a game preview. Any rules or components featured may be different from the final, published game. You can find more information about our promotional services here.

How It Plays

In the Absolute Card Game you will need to use a combination of your wits, skill, and a little luck in order to defeat your opponents in a race to get rid of all the Number Cards in your hand before the other players.

The gameplay is simple in Absolute. Not completely unlike the card game UNO, you will be trying to get rid of all of the Number Cards in your hand.

The top card of the Number Card deck will be the starting Absolute Value.

To start, each player will receive:

  • 3 Special Cards. They’re four different types of special cards in the game, more on these later.
  • 7 Number Cards. You will need to get rid of all the Number Cards in your hand in order to win. They’re two unique cards, the 0 card and the Wild Card, more on these later.

    Absolute Card Game
    Absolute Card Game

On your turn you can do a few different things:

  • Play a Number Card. Play one card from your hand that has a value between 0 and the current Absolute Value, ending your turn.
  • Draw a Number Card. If you cannot play a Number Card on your turn you must draw a new Number Card. If the card drawn is playable you may play it, ending your turn.
  • Play a Special Card. Play one of the three cards given to you at the beginning of the round. You may continue your turn until you play a Number Card or are forced to draw a new Number Card.

They’re a few combos you can pull off as well:

  • Zero Combo. Two Number Cards may be played at once as long as the combined value is equal to 0 regardless of the Absolute Value. You may then either force everyone to draw a Number Card or force a single player to draw 2 Number Cards. Example: You may play a +5 card and a -5 card at the same time even though the current Absolute Value is +1.
  • Playing the Opposite. You may play a Number Card that is the opposite value of the last played Number Card in the Play Pile regardless of the value of the Absolute. Example: The Absolute Value is currently -5. The last Number Card played  was a -2. You may play a +2 even though it is not between 0 and the Absolute Value.

They’re four types of Special Cards:

  • New Absolute. Take the top card from the Number Deck and make it the new Absolute Value. Any previous Special Cards are no longer active.
  • Rewind. Send the current Absolute to the bottom of the play pile making the previous card the new Absolute.
  • Lock. This keeps the current Absolute card in play for a full play turn. Only playing a 0 Number Card may remove this card from play prematurely.
  • Plus/Minus. This changes the Absolute Value to the opposite number. This stays active until the Absolute changes or another Special Card is played.

Other cards:

  • Wild Card. The wild card has no value and you may place it in the Play Pile regardless of the Absolute Value. They may not be used in combos.
  • 0 Card. When you play a 0 Number Card you must take another card from your hand and make it the new Absolute. You cannot play the 0 card if you do not have a legal card to make the new Absolute, unless it is the last card in your hand.

The round ends when a player gets rid of the last Number Card in their hand or when all the cards have been drawn form the draw pile. The remaining players then add up the values of all the Number Cards in their hands. The player furthest from zero is eliminated and a new round begins. If there is a tie then no one is eliminated this round, but at the end of the next round players will be eliminated equal to the amount of tied players from the previous round.

The last player standing wins the game!

Absolute Card Game
Absolute Card Game


  • Fast. The game can be played anywhere between 5-30 minutes depending on the number of players.
  • Simple. You will be able pick this one up and get the hang of it very quickly. The rules are well written and easy to learn.


  • Balancing. I found that more often than not the first player comes out on top. Since they are the first player to discard a card it makes sense that they would have a slight edge. I think there is room for a few more special cards such as skips or reverses in order to mix up the play order.

Recommended For

  • Fans of OG Card Games like UNO: If you are a fan of card games like UNO or if you are looking for a quick lightweight family game then you may be interested in Absolute.

Final Thoughts

This game reminds me of playing UNO as a kid. It may not be the most strategic card game out there, but I think that there is enough to this game that will keep you coming back.

This is a family game through and through. If you are looking for a game that the whole family can enjoy then I would recommend checking out Absolute!

If the Absoulte Card Game sounds like the type of game you’d enjoy, you can check out the Kickstarter campaign for more information, or to become a backer.

We don’t post ratings for preview copies as the components and rules may change from the final game. Please check back with us after the game is produced for a full review.