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Darwins Choice : Animal Board Game Kickstarter

Darwin's Choice

Darwin’s Choice is back on Kickstarter this time the creators have made an expansion, Before and After. The goal of this animal board game is for each player to create animal species that are optimally adapted to their biomes.

Biome cards have individual food supplies and show which animal traits are best suited for that biome. New biomes will be introduced through the eras and event cards will change the requirements that need to be met making it harder for animals to adapt.

Animals can move between different biomes and mutate in order to adapt to the ever changing landscapes. This will change the animal’s diet and appearance.

The expansion introduces a new mechanism, humans. As the eras progress, the introduction of human cards will change how the game plays. Human event cards are capable changing biome food supplies or even destroying entire biomes.

They also have an encyclopedia which contains information on all of the animals featured in both the base game and the expansion. This includes information like their diets, physical attributes, and where they can be found.

I really like when games like this, and another animal board game we reviewed Wingspan, are able to add factual data to their games. Although it isn’t a part of the base game it is still a nice addition.

With some really neat artwork and some fun mechanics this game looks like a blast.

From the Campaign:

This is the final campaign of Darwin’s Choice, a chance for you to obtain the base game and to help us bring these two new products to life! Every single backer is important, because the prepared Stretch Goals will make both the expansion and the encyclopedia an even greater experience for everyone. Thank you very much for your support and trust!

The campaign is already funded with a couple of weeks left to go.

Click here to see the campaign.