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Dice Throne Season 2: Huntress Strategy Guide

Dice Throne Season 2 Huntress Cover

Huntress is one of my favorite heroes to play in Dice Throne Season Two. I mean, she has a pet saber tooth tiger. That’s pretty frickin cool. But she can also dish out a whole lot of damage if played correctly. She is also good at poking your opponents with her status effect tokens which is a lot of fun.

Let’s take a look at what I feel to be the Huntress’s best strategies.

The Best Strategies for Huntress

Tiger Queen

Nyra is your most useful weapon in the game. As long as Nyra is active you deal an additional two damage to all of your attacks. This makes the Huntress one of the most powerful heroes in the game. Not only can she deal a lot of damage but Nyra can actually soak up quite a bit of damage too thanks to her ability. Just make sure that Nyra doesn’t get knocked out so you can take advantage of these awesome abilities.

Welcome to the Jungle

One of the Huntress’s most valuable assets is her bleed token. These tokens can do a lot of damage over time and have a stack limit of two. So if you were able to get two of them on your opponent early enough, then you can potentially be dealing two damage every turn. Although your opponent can remove them with a lucky roll, the odds are that they won’t and you at least get a few good hits on them.

With these simple strategies, you will be able to dominate your next game of Dice Throne. But there are still a few other things that you need to keep in mind when playing as well. Like which cards you should look out for and when to go for certain rolls.

Huntress’s Hero Board

Dice Throne Season 2 Huntress Hero Board
Huntress’s Hero Board

First off let’s take a look at Huntress’s hero board and see what attacks are worth focusing on when you are doing your offensive roll phase. 


Animalistic is the Huntress’s basic attack. Although it doesn’t do much by itself, as long as Nyra is active it can do anywhere between 5 to 7 damage. And that’s not even counting any upgrade cards. This should be your go to move if you can’t roll a small or large straight.


Resuscitate is a great way to get Nyra back into the game if she ever gets knocked out. Other than that, this attack is more of a safety net in case you don’t roll anything else.


Savages can be a bit tricky to pull off but it can be a great way to deal a whole lotta damage or inflict bleed on your opponent. It’s a bit too risky for me to try and pull off consistently, but depending on the situation it might be worth keeping.

Feral Instincts

Feral Instincts is an excellent attack to go with if you are playing against a hero like the Samurai who has a really good defensive role. That’s because this attack does undefendable damage and if Nyra is active, which she should be, then that makes it four undefendable damage. 


Onslaught is the Huntress’s small and large straight. These are her most valuable attacks as they can inflict a lot of damage and bleed to the target. Typically I don’t necessarily go for large or small straights but with the Huntress, it can be worth going for in order to inflict bleed to your opponent.

Predatory advance

If you are able to roll predatory advanced then I would definitely keep it since it heals Nyra and does a lot of damage.


Feral is essentially a beefed up predatory advance attack. It also heals Nyra but it deals undefendable damage instead. The problem is that it is very difficult to roll so I wouldn’t actively seek out this attack.

Maternal Bond

Maternal Bond is the Huntress’s defense roll. This defense ability is extremely powerful can deal a whole bunch of damage so if you can find the upgrade card for this ability, then I would definitely use it.

Jungle Fury!

Jungle Fury! is Huntress’s ultimate attack. As with all ultimates, unless you roll almost all sixes on your first roll then it’s not really worth trying to go for.

Huntress’s Status Effect Tokens

Dice Throne Season 2 Huntress Status Effect Tokens
Huntress’s Status Effect Tokens

Huntress doesn’t have too many status effect tokens, but she does have some good ones. 


All right so Nyra isn’t a status effect token but it’s listed on the same hero sheet so I’m going to count her. Nyra lets you deal extra damage and can act as a sort of shield to soak up damage for you. That’s why I always try and keep her active and not let her get knocked out.

Nyra’s Bond

Nyra’s Bond allows you to split any damage to you between Huntress and Nyra. This can be extremely handy but personally I use it to heal Nyra instead.


Bleed can and will frustrate the heck out of your opponent. It is almost guaranteed to deal one damage at the beginning of their turn and it has a stack limit of two. So I would focus on getting as many of these on your opponent as quickly as possible.

Huntress’s Cards

Dice Throne Season 2 Huntress Cards
Huntress’s Cards

I’m not going to go over every single card in the Huntress’s deck but I am going to go over a few of the cards that I feel you should think about using if they come up.

Resuscitate II

Cost: 2CP

This card can help keep Nyra alive or bring her back into the game. Healing two points per bonded soul rolled is a pretty good ability.

Feral Instincts II & Swipe

Cost: 2CP

The cool thing about Huntress’s upgrade cards is that most give her an additional ability. Upgrading feral instincts deals more undefendable damage. If Nyra is active that would be five undefendable damage and it isn’t a hard roll to pull off. Swipe is also good in three or more player games since you can inflict bleed on a bunch of players.

Predatory Advance II & Jugular

Cost: 2CP

Upgrading Presatory Advance is more of a bonus than anything. The real reason I like this card is because of Jugular. It allows you to inflict two bleed on to an opponent. They won’t be able to do a defense roll either so even better.

Blood Bond!

Cost: 1CP

Blood Bond! is great because it has a low cost and it can heal Nyra up to seven points! This is great to get Nyra back in the game or heal her back to full health.

Savage Slash!

Cost: 1CP

Another low cost card, Savage Slash! inflicts up to two bleed tokens to an opponent. Bleed tokens can be devastating especially if your opponent keeps failing their rolls to remove it.


Cost: 0CP

Prowl! is almost guaranteed to deal damage and it costs nothing to play! You only get to roll one die so there is a chance that it could be a bust, but still when the worst thing this card can do is heal Nyra then that’s a win!


Cost: 0CP

This is Huntress’s best card. It costs nothing to play, it can inflict bleed, and deal a whole lot of damage! Plus, you get to roll all of your dice! Who doesn’t love rolling dice?

Maternal Bond III

Cost: 4CP

I always try and upgrade my defense roll as it’s your only line of defense. Being able to roll more dice and deal more damage is always a good thing.

Conclusion – Strategy for Huntress

Huntress can be one of the most powerful heroes to play as in Dice Throne Season 2. That is if you keep Nyra alive. Typically in Dice Throne, games come down to the wire. Having a shield that you can use, sorry Nyra, when you are down to your last few health points is a huge advantage. And if you can manage to inflict bleed on your opponent early in the game then you will slowly, but surely be chipping away at their health until they are knocked out.

Be sure to check back for more Dice Throne Season 2 Strategy guides. Let me know in the comments who your favorite hero is to play and what are your strategies? And as always, happy gaming!