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Dice Throne Season 2: Samurai Strategy Guide

Dice Throne Season 2 Samurai Cover

The Samurai is a very well-balanced hero to choose in Dice Throne Season 2. He does a lot of damage and he has an excellent defensive role. He will stop at nothing to bring those who are not honorable to justice and he has plenty of powerful attacks to do just that.

Let’s take a look at what I feel to be the Samurai’s best strategies.

The Best Strategies for the Samurai

Bring Honor to Us All

The Samurai’s passive ability, Bushido, allows you to gain honor at the end of your turn if you don’t use all three of your offensive rolls. Honor is extremely important because if you were able to get two of these tokens, then what you can do is spend them to deal an additional three damage to your attack. So what I do is make sure I don’t use all three of my offensive rolls and then every couple of turns I can do an additional three damage. Pretty sweet huh?

Back It Up

The samurai already has a very powerful defensive ability. Other players already probably don’t want to attack you because of it. If you are able to get a back strike token, then it will definitely deter them even more since they will be dealt a whole lot of damage. This is mostly true in a game where you’re playing with more than two people but it’s still usually a good idea to have one of these tokens.

Katana Practice

You want to try and activate your passive ability to gain honor tokens every turn. It’s a safer bet to stick to the left side of your hero board since those attacks are easier to roll than those on the right side. This way you won’t have to worry about using all three of your rolls and you can gain honor. Your basic attack, Katana Slice, does a whole lot of damage so don’t feel bad if that’s the only move you can do. 

With these simple strategies, you will be able to dominate your next game of Dice Throne. But there are still a few other things that you need to keep in mind when playing as well. Like which cards you should look out for and when to go for certain rolls.

The Samurai’s Hero Board

Dice Throne Season 2 Samurai Hero Board
Hero Board

First off let’s take a look at the Samurai’s hero board and see what attacks are worth focusing on when you are doing your offensive roll phase. 

Katana Slice

Upgrade: Yes

Katana Slice is the Samurai’s basic attack. I love this attack because it does an insane amount of damage and it’s extremely easy to roll. I mean, when the worst you can roll is five damage, you know it’s a good attack. 


Upgrade: Yes

Bushido is a passive ability. If you don’t use all three of your rolls during your offensive roll phase then you gain honor. This move is extremely important since honor is a huge part of the Samurai’s strategy.


Upgrade: Yes

Wakizashi is a good attack to roll for if you are worried about taking any sort of damage from a defensive roll since it does three undefendable damage. The best thing about this attack is that you gain a back strike token. The Samurai’s tokens are very powerful and any attack that gives you a token is worth doing.


Upgrade: No

Solemnity is a pretty good attack. It does seven damage and inflicts a shame token on your opponent. This will help reduce any damage you may take on your opponents turn. Plus it’s just fun to shame your opponent.


Upgrade: No

Budo is the samurai’s small straight attack. It does six damage, which is decent and gives you one honor token. This is an OK attack but personally I’d rather focus on other rolls that are easier to get and can do more damage. Small straits can be hard to roll and you don’t want to interfere with his passive which gets you an honor token anyways.


Upgrade: No

Masamune is the Samurai’s large straight attack. It does seven base damage, and has the potential to do even more, and can even inflict shame or give you a back strike token. This attack is extremely powerful so if you are able to roll it then I would definitely keep it but I wouldn’t count on rolling it consistently.


Upgrade: No

Hagakure does five undefendable damage and lets you gain one of every token that the samurai has to offer. This is an excellent attack but again is extremely hard to roll.

Stand Tall

Upgrade: Yes

Stand tall is the Samurai’s defensive ability. You get to roll three dice and you get to either deal damage back or prevent a lot of damage or even inflict shame on the attacker. The Samurai has one of the best defensive abilities in the game in my opinion. The only downside is that if you don’t roll anything else but a katana symbol then you inflict shame upon yourself.


Shogun! is the Samurai’s ultimate attack. This attack is extremely hard to roll, as any ultimate is, but if you roll it then that’s awesome. Keep it and destroy your opponent.

In short, there’s really no bad option when it comes to the Samurai’s attacks. They’re all very powerful and can do a lot of damage. It really has to do with which status effect tokens you need at that time. I would roll for whatever attack gets me the status effect token that I don’t have or has not maxed out its stack limit.

The Samurai’s Status Effect Tokens

Dice Throne Season 2 Samurai Status Effect Tokens
Status Effect Tokens

The Samurai doesn’t really have that many status effect tokens but the ones that he does have are extremely powerful and can inflict a lot of damage to your opponent.


Shame is a negative status effect token and reduces the damage of whoever the token is attached to by one. It also has a stack limit of two so if you’re able to get two of these on your opponent then their attack will be reduced by two. Unfortunately, these tokens are not persistent and will go away after your opponent’s next attack.


Honor is a positive status effect and can be spent to increase your damage by one or three depending on how many you spend. Honor has a stack limit of two and thanks to the Samurai’s passive ability they are extremely easy to obtain. I typically try and wait until I have two of these bad boys so I can spend them and deal maximum damage. So if you play the Samurai right you should be able to deal an additional three damage every couple of turns.

Back Strike

Back Strike is another positive status effect. If you thought the Samurai’s defensive ability wasn’t overpowered enough then maybe back strike will change your mind. When your opponent attacks you can spend a back strike token to roll a die. You then deal half of the value as damage rounded up to the attacking player. The only downside is that there is a stack limit of only one.

All of these tokens are quite good honestly. But honor should be your go to token since it can help deal some serious damage.

The Samurai’s Cards

Dice Throne Season 2 Samurai Cards
Best Cards

I’m not going to go over every single card in the Samurai’s deck but I am going to go over a few of the cards that I feel you should think about using if they come up.

When it comes to upgrade cards, I typically don’t play them unless I have that card near the beginning of the game. This is to maximize the damage that I can do throughout the game. It can be hard to gain CP so spending it on upgrade cards instead of cards that allow you to modify dice isn’t worth it.

Katana Slice III

Cost: 3CP

Upgrading the Samurai’s basic attack is a great idea. It increases the damage of an already powerful attack and can potentially inflict shame on your target.

Solemnity II & Solemn

Cost: 2CP

This is basically a two for one special. For the cost of 2CP you get to upgrade an attack and gain a new one. Solemnity II bumps the damage up to eight and inflicts two shame instead of one. Solemn is more of a fallback attack if your rolls didn’t turn out so good. It doesn’t do any damage but it does inflict two shame on your opponent.

Wakizashi III

Cost: 2CP

This upgrade makes this attack one of your most powerful. You gain strike back, inflict shame, and deal four undefendable damage. The only downside is that it can be hard to roll.

Honorable!, Shame On You!, & Don’t Back Down!

Cost: 1CP, 1CP, 1CP

I grouped all three of these cards together because they essentially do the same thing which is max out your status effect tokens for you. These are excellent cards and you should absolutely play them.


Cost: 1CP

Gishi! is an attack modifier and allows you to roll one die. Depending on what you roll, it will either do damage and inflict shame or give you one back strike token.

Follow Through!

Cost: 1CP

Follow Through! is an attack modifier that lets you roll all five of your dice. It has the potential to deal five damage and inflict shame.

Stand Tall II

Cost: 3CP

This upgrade card lets you remove the Samurai’s defensive abilities only weakness. That weakness being you no longer gain shame if you have a bad roll. And it lets you roll an extra die too, making the samurai an unstoppable force.

Conclusion – Strategy for the Samurai

The Samurai is one of the most feared heroes to play against in my game group. His killer defensive ability makes it so that no one wants to be the one to attack him. He does an insane amount of damage no matter what you roll and his status effect tokens are no joke. If you can manage not to use all three of your offensive rolls and gain honor tokens to beef up your attacks then you will be all set.

Be sure to check back for more Dice Throne Season 2 Strategy guides. Let me know in the comments who your favorite hero is to play and what are your strategies? And as always, happy gaming!

Be sure to check back for more Dice Throne Season 2 Strategy guides. Let me know in the comments who your favorite hero is to play and what are your strategies? Check out our review for Dice Throne Season 2 as well. And as always, happy gaming!