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Dice Throne Season 2: Tactician Strategy Guide

Tactician Strategy Guide Cover

The Tactician is one of the more balanced heroes in Dice Throne Season Two. All of his attacks do decent damage and his effect tokens are extremely versatile. So don’t let this old man fool you. With his arsenal of crazy powerful status effects, he can easily mop the floor with his opponents.

Let’s take a look at what I feel to be the Tactician’s best strategy.

The Best Strategies for the Tactician

Tactical Advantage Is King

Tactical advantage is the most important thing in the Tactician’s arsenal. It is by far the most versatile status effect token not only the Tactician has but in the game period. It is basically a hack token that allows you to gain CP, reroll dice, draw cards, almost everything. These tokens can also get you other really powerful status effect tokens like targeted and protect.  It’s great. Get as many as you can.

Go For The Ultimate!

Usually, with most of the heroes, I don’t actively seek out rolling for the ultimate because it’s extremely hard to do. Thanks to the Tactician’s tactical advantage tokens it makes his ultimate pretty obtainable. If you are ever in a situation where you have four or five tactical advantage and a card that lets you change the value of your dice. Then it may be a good time to go for broke and shoot for that ultimate.

Make That Money!

Profiteer allows the Tactician to gain quite a bit of tactical advantage and does decent damage. This should be your go to attack. It’s not incredibly hard to roll and plus the Tactician has a pretty decent basic attack in Saber Strike too so don’t be afraid to use it as a fallback.

With these simple strategies, you will be able to dominate your next game of Dice Throne. But there are still a few other things that you need to keep in mind when playing as well. Like which cards you should look out for and when to go for certain rolls.

The Tactician’s Hero Board

Tactician Strategy Guide Hero Board
Hero Board

First off let’s take a look at the Tactician’s hero board and see what attacks are worth focusing on when you are doing your offensive roll phase. 

Saber Strike

Saber Strike is the Tactician’s basic attack role. Typically I like to use these as a safety blanket because it’s the easiest attack that the Tactician can roll. That’s not to say that the saber strike isn’t a good attack. In fact, I would say, if you manage to roll all sabers on your first time then it might be worth actually keeping since it does six damage and if you are able to find the upgrade card for it, it can go all the way up to seven damage.


To me, the profiteer is the Tactician’s best attack outside of his ultimate. It’s far more attainable than an ultimate or most of his “more powerful” attacks and it allows you to potentially gain a lot of tactical advantage, deal a good bit of damage, or even take another offensive roll phase. Tactical advantage is extremely important to the Tactician and his overall skill set.

Carpet Bomb

Carpet bomb is probably the Tactician’s worst attack. It only gives you one tactical advantage token and it does collateral damage meaning, if you are playing in a two player game it will only do two damage.

Strategic Approach

Strategic Approach is a decent attack. It deals quite a bit of damage and allows you to inflict constrict to the targeted opponent. Although I would say that constrict isn’t an extremely important token to inflict on an opponent but it can be helpful in certain situations.


Flank is the Tactician’s small straight attack. It doesn’t really do an incredible amount of damage and only gives you one tactical advantage token. I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to try and roll for a small straight. Obviously you would use it more as a safety net and try and go for a large straight.


Exploit is the Tactician’s large straight attack. It gives you more tactical advantage and does more damage than Flank. And it inflicts constrict to the target opponent. Large straights can be hard to roll but if you manage to do it then obviously you should keep it.


Maneuver is an extremely powerful attack that gives you a whole bunch of tactical advantage. In fact, it actually maxes out the amount of tactical advantage that you can have and it does five undefendable damage. The downside is that it is extremely hard to roll and I wouldn’t count on rolling it consistently.


Countermeasures is the Tactician’s defense role. I always try and upgrade my defense rolls if possible since it’s your only line of defense against attacks.

Higher Ground!

Higher ground is the Tactician’s ultimate. Normally I wouldn’t focus on trying to roll an ultimate unless you manage to roll mostly sixes on your first roll, but thanks to tactical advantage you essentially get up to five additional rerolls. Use your tokens and the Twice Is Wild card to help modify your dice to get that juicy ultimate.

Focus on gaining tactical advantage by using Profiteer and dealing damage with Saber Strike. Feel free to mix in other attacks if you roll them, but remember to go for tactical advantage.

The Tactician’s Status Effect Tokens

Tactician Strategy Guide Effect Tokens
Status Effect Tokens

Tactical Advantage

This is definitely the Tactician’s most important effect token. They are extremely versatile allowing you to gain CP, draw cards, or even reroll one of your dice at any time. Almost all of his attacks on his hero board allow you to gain tactical advantage. So be sure to use that to your advantage and gather as many of these tokens as possible.


Constrict isn’t That much of a game changer for me. It forces your opponent to lose one roll attempt on their turn or they can simply pay one CP in order to get rid of the token at any time. It’s not something that I actively seek out trying to inflict on my opponents but it’s more of a bonus than anything else.


Targeted is an excellent effect token. It increases the damage done to the inflicted player by two. The only problem is that there isn’t any practical way to inflict it on an opponent other than by using tactical advantage. But if you have tactical advantage to spend then I would do so to inflict targeted to an opponent.


Protect is another excellent status effect token to have. Spending protect allows you to have any of the incoming damage to you. Just like targeted, protect can really only be gained from spending tactical advantage. But it could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

The main takeaway is that you should focus on gaining a lot of tactical advantage in order to gain other status effect tokens.

The Tactician’s Cards

Tactician Strategy Guide Cards
Important Cards

I’m not going to go through every single card in the Tactician’s deck. Mainly because a lot of the cads found in his deck can also be found in every other heroes deck. So what I’m going to do is focus on the cards that are exclusive to him.


Ambush gives you two tactical advantage tokens. It costs only one CP so if you need to gain it back you can simply spend one of the tactical advantage tokens you just gained, to gain back that CP you just spent. Remember, tactical advantage is king.


Disengage costs nothing and is a great way to deal damage, prevent damage, or even gain a  protect token. Which, as I mentioned before is extremely hard to do without tactical advantage. 

Feigned Retreat!

Feigned Retreat! Allows you to inflict constrict on your attacker and prevent three incoming damage. It has a slightly high cost, but I think it’s worth holding on to if you got the CP to spend.

Saber Strike II & Profiteer II

These upgrade cards help to do extra damage and gain more tactical advantage. Both cards have low costs and help boost the Tactician’s most useful attacks.

War Room!

War Room! Lets you roll one die and get half of the value as tactical advantage. And as I’ve mentioned you can spend that Tactical advantage you just gained to get back the CP that you just paid to play this card.

Conclusion – Strategy for the Tactician

The Tactician is a really good hero to pick. He has plenty of ways to manipulate the game by using tactical advantage. His whole game is built around these tokens so be sure to stockpile them and use them to reroll, inflict targeted tokens, or gain protect tokens. Play your cards right, use your tactical advantage and you may be able to pull of an ultimate.

Be sure to check back for more Dice Throne Season 2 Strategy guides. Let me know in the comments who your favorite hero is to play and what are your strategies? And as always, happy gaming!