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Disney Villainous Strategy Guide for Jafar

Jafar Strategy Guide

Jafar is one of my favorite villains not only in Disney Villainous but of any Disney villain period. He has everything a great villain requires. He has an awesome snake staff, he wields powerful magic, has an awesome mustache, and has a great sidekick in Iago.

In this strategy guide, I will break down this iconic character and show you how to win as Jafar.

Jafar Strategy Guide

Let’s start with a quick rundown of Jafar’s objective and how to reach his goal.


To win as Jafar you must start your turn with the Magic Lamp at Sultan’s Palace and Genie under your control.


Jafar is one of the few villains that starts off the game with a lock token. This token is placed at the Cave of Wonders. This makes things difficult for a few reasons. One you are only going to be able to move between three of the four locations on your player board to start. And two, you have to have this location unlocked to play the Magic Lamp.

The Winning Villainous Cards

These are the 3 cards in Jafar’s deck you will need to focus on finding to win the game:

  • The Scarab Pendant
  • The Magic Lamp
  • Hypnotize

Scarab Pendant

To unlock the Cave of Wonders, you have to find and play this card. This is one of my favorite cards in the game because it has a second effect which allows you to draw up to five cards at the end of your turn instead of four. This will help you find the next card you need to win…

Magic Lamp

So now that you have unlocked the Cave of Wonders with the Scarab Pendant you can now play the Magic Lamp to this location. When you play the Magic Lamp you immediately search for and play Genie to the Cave of Wonders.

There is a catch, however. If Genie is already hypnotized when you play the Magic Lamp then he is no longer under your control and you will have to hypnotize him all over again.


There are two of these cards in Jafar’s deck. Hypnotize allows you to immediately defeat a hero. Not only that, it allows you to take that hero and move them to your side of the board and they are now treated as an ally card.

You will need this card to hypnotize Genie and complete your evil scheme.

It may be tempting to play this card on another hero, but unless you have another copy in your hand I wouldn’t recommend doing so.

So now that you know which cards you should be looking for let’s take a look at Jafar’s deck and I will show you which strategies you should use.

Jafar’s Cards Strategies

Note: Cards with a * next to them are the most important to winning as Jafar.

Ally Card Strategies

Jafar's Ally Cards


Copies: 1 | Cost: 2 | Strength: 2

If Gazeem is ever discarded from your realm he allows you to take an item from your discard pile and add it to your hand. This can help you get back your Scimitar or other items. He has a strength of two and costs two power to play. 


Copies: 1 | Cost: 1 | Strength: 1

One of my favorite Disney villain sidekicks. He makes for an excellent ally because his ability when activated allows him and one unattached item at his location to be moved to an adjacent location. 

You will want to play him where ever the Magic Lamp is. This way he can help move the lamp quicker. Jafar only has one location with the action to move an item or ally and that is at the Cave of Wonders. Iago essentially gives you two locations to move the lamp so if you combo it right you will win in no time.

Iago has a strength of one and costs one power to play. There is also only one copy of this card.

Palace Guard

Copies: 3 | Cost: 1| Strength: 2

Palace Guard has no additional abilities, but he has a strength of two and costs only one power to play. There are three copies in Jafar’s deck so Palace Guards are your main source of allies.


Copies: 1 | Cost: 3 | Strength: 3

Razoul is one of your strongest allies with a strength of three. He does come at a heavy cost of three power, but he has an ability that can be quite useful. Razoul’s ability makes the cost to play allies to his location reduced by one power. This makes the cost to play Palace Guards to his location free.

Condition Card Strategies

Jafar's Condition Cards

Note: I am a firm believer that condition cards are a waste of your time, especially at the beginning of the game. So I recommend getting rid of these cards if you draw them. There are some exceptions, but my general rule is this, don’t keep a condition card for more than a turn or two max.


Copies: 2

Deception can only be played if an opponent has two or more items in their realm. When played, Deception allows you to reveal and play the top card of that player’s fate deck. 


Copies: 2

Manipulation can only be played if an opponent has three or more allies in their realm. When played, Manipulation allows you to choose a card from your discard pile and add it to your hand. 

Effect Card Strategies

Jafar's Effect Cards

A Snake, Am I?

Copies: 2 | Cost: 2

This card allows you to defeat a hero with a strength of four or less. This can be a great way to defeat heroes without using your allies. 

Necessary Sacrifice

Copies: 3 | Cost: 0

Necessary Sacrifice allows you to gain three power if you discard an item or an ally from your realm. I love this card because it’s so in character for Jafar. Combo this card and Scimitar and you got yourself a bunch of free power.


Copies: 2 | Cost: ?

I touched on this card a little bit earlier. This card allows you to not only defeat a hero but allows you to move them to your side of the board and use them as an ally. Who needs friends when you can just hypnotize your enemies to do your bidding.

The down-side is that to play this card you need a lot of power. That’s because the cost to play this card is equal to the strength of the hero you want to hypnotize.

With that being said you do need this card to be played on Genie as it is a victory condition. So don’t go playing this card on just any hero unless you have this next card.


Copies: 3 | Cost: 1 

This may be the single most important card in Jafar’s deck. This allows him to declare either an item or ally card and draw until he finds a card of that type. He keeps that one card of the declared type and discards the rest.

This works on both the Magic Lamp and the Scarab Pendant. His deck comes with three of the bad boys so you should hopefully be able to find those two items in no time. 

Sorcerous Power

Copies: 3 | Cost: 2

This card allows you to move a hero and an ally to any unlocked location. This can be useful to you if you need to get to actions that are currently being covered up by a hero. 

Item Card Strategies

Jafar's Item Cards

Giant Hourglass

Copies: 2 | Cost: 1

Giant Hourglass reduces the strength of all heroes at its location by two. The down-side is that you have to activate this card every time you want this effect to work. 

Magic Lamp

Copies: 1 | Cost: 4

The magic amp can only be played to the Cave of Wonders so you have to get the Scarab Pendant first. When you are able to play this card it allows you to search for Genie and play him to the Cave of Wonders.

Although you need Genie in order to win he is extremely difficult to Hypnotize, at least at first. That’s because his ability gives him an additional two strength if he shares a location with the Magic Lamp.

He starts at six strength so that makes eight total with the lamp. And that means you will need eight power to hypnotize him. So try and move the lamp away first before hypnotizing Genie and it will save you power.

Scarab Pendant

Copies: 1 | Cost: 3

You need this card in order to unlock the Cave of Wonders. You have to play this card to win the game so of course, it is important. But it comes with the added bonus that it will allow you to draw a fifth card at the end of your turn instead of four. This will make it easier to find the Magic Lamp. So you will want to try and get this card as early as possible.


Copies: 3 | Cost: 0

Scimitar gives one additional strength to an ally it’s attached to. You can attach these to your Palace Guards and then play Necessary Sacrifice for some easy free power.

Snake Staff

Copies: 1 | Cost: 2

This card, when activated, allows you to search your discard pile for a Hypnotize card and add it to your hand. So all you really need is the Snake Staff and a Hypnotize card to defeat a hero. Then you can activate the Snake Staff to recover the Hypnotize you just played and defeat another hero. Pretty neat huh?

Jafar’s Card Stats

Disney Villainous Jafar Card Types

As you can see from the chart Jafar mostly uses effect and item cards. Much like in the movie he uses powerful spells and magical items. He has very few allies and even fewer condition cards.

So what does this tell us?

There is a reason why almost half of his deck is effect cards. A lot of his effects allow you to search your deck for items, like the Magic Lamp and Scarab Pendant. His effects also help to defeat heroes which is even more reason not to focus too much on playing ally cards since his effects will help do the same thing.

Jafar’s Abilities Stats

Jafar Abilities

Move Items & Heroes

Jafar is able to manipulate the heroes and items in his realm with the help of his trusty ally Iago and his effect cards. Since only 10% of his cards allow him to do so you shouldn’t count on these cards to come up when you need them. Instead, you can focus on using the actions on your player board to do so.

Gain & Reduce the Cost of Power

Jafar has some extremely powerful cards. But to play these powerful cards, you need power. A little over 10% of his deck allows you to gain power and reduce the amount of power spent on ally cards. These cards are a little rare in his deck so focus on locations that have power on your player board.

Basic Allies & Buffs

As I mentioned, Jafar doesn’t have too many allies. All of his basic allies are Palace Guards and they don’t even come equipped with Scimitars. With 10% of his deck being basic allies and the other 10% being items that boost their strength. Granted  he does have Iago & Razoul, but there is only one of each card in his deck and their strength lies in their effects.

Defeat / Debuff Heroes

This is where Jafar makes up for his lack of allies. He has plenty of spells and tricks at his disposal to defeat his enemies. 20% of his deck has to do with defeating and debuffing enemies with effect cards. He has plenty of cards that allow him to deal with pesky heroes without the use of allies.

Search & Recover Cards

Jafar needs to find the Magic Lamp and Scarab Pendant quickly and his effect cards allow him to do just that. Over 25% of his deck allows him to either burn through his deck to find the cards he needs or recover cards from his discard pile and put them into his hand.

Jafar’s Player Board Strategies

Jafar's Player Board

Jafar has a slight disadvantage to start as he only has three of his four locations unlocked. The Cave of Wonders is locked and can only be unlocked by playing the Scarab Pendant.

Sultan’s Palace

The four actions at the Sultan’s Palace include:

  • Play a Card
  • Activate
  • Vanquish
  • Fate

Both Play a Card and Activate are in the top position so these are the ones that are at risk of being covered by a hero card.

Although this location may not be useful to you early on it could come in handy if your opponent needs to be fated. Remember Jafar’s main strategy is to search through his deck so these actions don’t do much for you.

Streets of Agrabah

The four actions at the Streets of Agrabah include:

  • Gain 1 Power
  • Fate
  • Discard
  • Play a Card

Both Gain Power and Fate are in the top position so these are the ones that are at risk of being covered by a hero card.

This is the most useful location for you when you begin the game. It is the only unlocked location that allows you to discard and search your deck for the Magic Lamp and Scarab Pendant.  So be sure to discard as many cards as you can in order to find these items.


The four actions at the Oasis include:

  • Activate
  • Play a Card
  • Gain 3 Power
  • Play a Card

Both Activate and Play a Card are in the top position so these are the ones that are at risk of being covered by a hero card.

This location is great for gaining power which you are going to need to play something like Hypnotize. You can also play two cards at this location so you may be able to combo a few of your cards together. Plus the more cards you play the more you get to draw at the end of your turn.

Cave of Wonders

The four actions at the Cave of Wonders are:

  • Discard
  • Gain 2 Power
  • Play a Card
  • Move an Item or Ally

Both Discard and Gain Power are in the top position so these are the ones that are at risk of being covered by a hero card.

This location will be extremely useful once it is unlocked as it has both gain 2 power and a discard action. I wouldn’t count on these two actions being readily available though since Genie has to be played here. But use them while you can to keep discarding your cards to find and play Hypnotize.

How to Win as Jafar

So now that you know how to play as Jafar and how his mechanics work, let’s take a look at these tips to win as Jafar in Disney Villainous.

Don’t Worry About Heroes

Unless Abu, Aladdin, or the Carpet is in play then the rest of the heroes are more of a minor annoyance.

Use Iago

Iago’s ability to move items across Jafar’s board is essential to a quick victory. Playing him to the Cave of Wonders will allow you to move the Magic Lamp asap.

Search Relentlessly 

You are going to want to do nothing but burn through your deck until you can find the Magic Lamp and Scarab Pendant. Play as many cards as you can and discard as much as possible to help burn through your deck. Discard anything that isn’t these two cards.

How to Beat Jafar

Jafar can be a tough villain to play against. Especially if they get a good starting hand and the Cave of Wonders gets unlocked. But don’t worry I got you covered. Here are a few tips to help stop Jafar from winning.

Keep an Eye On Jafar’s Actions

If you see that Jafar is discarding a lot of cards then it’s safe to assume he is still looking for either the Magic Lamp or Scarab Pendant. If you notice that they aren’t discarding as much and maybe they are trying to focus on gaining power. Then you know that they are likely gearing up to play one of those two cards.

Where Should You Play Heroes?

If it is still the beginning of the game and no heroes have been played on Jafar’s board then you should play a hero to the Oasis.

This will cover up both the activate and play a card actions. This location has two play a card actions so taking one away means Jafar will have a harder time getting rid of useless cards from his hand. It also helps to prevent him from playing any additional useful ones.

If the Cave of Wonders is unlocked and no heroes are here then you will want to play one to this location. It will cover up both the discard and gain 2 power actions. These actions are Jafar’s bread and butter so make this a priority.

Playing a hero to the other locations doesn’t really cover up anything too useful, but if you already have heroes at the Oasis and Cave of Wonders then spread the love and play the hero to the unoccupied location.

Jafar’s Fate Cards

Jafar's Fate Cards

Note: Cards with a * next to them are the most important to stop Jafar.

Aladdin & Abu *

Copies: 1 Each| Strength: 4 / 2

Both of these Hero cards have the same effect. They allow you to take an item from the location where they are played and attach it to them. Jafar is unable to use the items as long as either of these heroes has it.

If the Magic Lamp has already been played then play your hero to the lamp’s location and take it from Jafar. He has to have the lamp in his possession to win the game. His lack of allies will make it difficult for him to defeat your hero and take the lamp back.

If the lamp has not been played, but the Scarab Pendant has, then take the pendant away. This will bring his hand count back to four and make it harder to find the lamp.

Carpet *

Copies: 1 | Strength: 2

An especially irritating card to play against Jafar because he can’t capture Genie while Carpet is in his realm.

Crushing Blow

Copies: 2

This effect card allows you to discard an ally with a strength of three or less from Jafar’s realm. My first choice would be to discard Iago and if he is not in Jafar’s realm then use it to discard Razoul.


Copies: 1 | Strength: 6

Genie is quite strong, but ideally, you do not want to play Genie. That is because Jafar needs Genie to be played in order to win the game. Genie gets a bonus two strength if he and the Magic Lamp share a location.

Narrow Escape

Copies: 2

This effect card allows you to find and play a hero from the discard pile. I would recommend finding Abu or Aladin if either of them has been discarded in order to take the Magic Lamp from Jafar.

Princess Jasmine *

Copies: 1 | Strength: 3

Jasmine is a good counter to the Scarab Pendant. She forces Jafar to draw one less card at the end of his turn. If you are able to play her early then it will make it extremely difficult for Jafar to find the lamp or the pendant.


Copies: 1 | Strength: 4

Rajah is a powerful hero card. His initial strength is four, but his ability grants him an additional two strength if Princess Jasmine is also in Jafar’s realm.


Copies: 1 | Strength: 2

Although Sultan may not be very strong with only two strength, he is hard to defeat thanks to his ability. Palace Guards can not be used to defeat Sultan. This forces Jafar to use one of his better allies to defeat him.


Copies: 2

This is an effect card that makes Jafar lose up to two power. A lot of his cards that are necessary to win have a high cost. So if you see him raking in the power then play this card to put a stop to it.

Wish *

Copies: 3 

Wish is an item that allows you to increase a hero’s strength by two. If Genie is out and if he hasn’t been hypnotized yet then attach wish to him giving him a total of eight strength.

Jafar has to hypnotize Genie in order to win, but he has to pay power equal to his strength. Not only are there are three copies of Wish in Jafar’s deck, but if the Magic Lamp is at Genie’s location then he gets an extra two strength on top of that!

Conclusion – Villainous Strategy for Jafar

It’s a blast to play as Jafar, but can be a bit tricky to win. In a nutshell, Jafar’s strategy is this:

Burn Through Your Deck

Discard and burn through your deck as much as possible in order to find the Magic Lamp and Scarab Pendant.

Find Iago

Combo Iago’s ability and the default move item action’s to quickly move the lamp to Sultan’s Palace.

Ignore Heroes

Don’t worry about defeating heroes and if you must try and use effect cards to do so instead of allies.

I hope you enjoyed Jafar’s strategy guide. If you did check out our guides for Captain Hook, Maleficent, Prince John, Queen of Hearts, and Ursula.

Or if you would like to know my thoughts on the game as a whole check out our Disney Villainous Review.

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