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Disney Villainous Strategy Guide for Prince John

Prince John Strategy Guide

Prince John prefers the finer things in life. To keep his lavish lifestyle, he needs to accumulate a massive amount of power.

To win as Prince John in Disney Villainous you need to focus on saving your power. Moving to the Jail location will allow you to gain power quickly and is the only location that hero cards can’t block. Try not to worry about heroes in your realm as they are just a distraction from your goal.

In this strategy guide, I will break down this iconic character and show you how to win as Prince John.

Prince John Strategy Guide

Let’s start with a quick rundown of Prince John’s objective and how to reach his goal.


To win as Prince John you must start your turn with twenty or more power. Easy enough right?

Prince John’s Cards

Note: Cards with a * next to them are the most important to winning as Prince John.

Ally Cards

Prince John's Ally Cards


Copies: 1 | Cost: 2 | Strength: 2

Nutsy gives all other allies at his location an additional one strength. Make sure you play him to wherever you have the most allies for maximum effect.

Rhino Guards

Copies: 3| Cost: 3 | Strength: 4

Rhino Guards may not have any additional abilities, but they are strong and one of your main sources of allies.

Sheriff of Nottingham *

Copies: 1 | Cost: 3 | Strength: 3

At the beginning of your turn, you can move Sheriff of Nottingham to any location and gain one power of his new location has a hero. He has a decent amount of strength, but I would avoid using him to defeat heroes since his ability is more valuable.

Sir Hiss *

Copies: 1 | Cost: 2 | Strength: 2

If Prince John is at Sir Hiss’s location, you may perform one action that is covered by a hero at that location. This will help you to deal with heroes without defeating them. Be sure to play this card wherever heroes are being played.

More than likely Friar Tuck’s Church will be the biggest target for heroes since they can cover up a gain two power action. You can save time by playing Sir Hiss here to guarantee that you will get your power.


Copies: 1 | Cost: 2 | Strength: 4

Trigger is very strong, but his ability is horrible. Every other ally at his location gets minus one strength. Make sure Trigger isn’t played to a location with other allies.

Wolf Archers 

Copies: 3 | Cost: 2 | Strength: 2

Wolf Archers can vanquish heroes from his location or an adjacent location. Placing this card in the middle of the board will allow for maximum reach. 

Condition Cards

Prince John's Condition Cards

Note: I am a firm believer that condition cards are a waste of your time, especially at the beginning of the game. So I recommend getting rid of these cards if you draw them. There are some exceptions, but my general rule is this, don’t keep a condition card for more than a turn or two max.


Copies: 2

Cowardice can only be played if another player has three or more allies in their realm. When played, you can play an ally from your hand for free. Free is always good so this card could come in handy.

Greed *

Copies: 2

Greed can only be played if your opponent has six or more power. When played, gain three power. This card has my favorite art in Prince John’s deck. Gaining power is essential to Prince John and this is one of the easier conditions cards to play.

Effect Cards

Prince John's Effect Cards

Beautiful, Lovely Taxes *

Copies: 3 | Cost: 0

Beautiful, Lovely Taxes gives you one power for each hero in Prince John’s realm. This card will be extremely important to you as it’s a great source of power. Since there are three of these cards in his deck you should be able to rake in the power.

Imprison *

Copies: 3 | Cost: 2

Imprison allows you to move a hero to The Jail. The Jail location has no actions at the top of the board so moving heroes here will render them mostly useless. Try and use this card to deal with lesser heroes instead of your allies.


Copies: 1 | Cost: 2

Intimidation allows you to perform a vanquish action, but you don’t have to discard any of the allies used to defeat the hero. This will help you keep allies in your realm and combos well with Golden Arrow.

Set a Trap 

Copies: 2 | Cost: 1

Set a Trap allows you to move an ally to any location and perform a vanquish action. This card will save you the hassle of having to slowly move allies to where heroes are and can quickly turn the tide of battle.

Item Cards

Prince John's Item Cards

Bow and Arrows

Copies: 2 | Cost: 1

Bow and Arrows give an additional one strength to an ally. If that ally were to be discarded then you can discard this card instead. This will allow you to save power since you won’t have to replace any lost allies.

Golden Arrow *

Copies: 1 | Cost: 0

Golden Arrow gives the attached ally the ability to gain two power every time they defeated an opponent. Combo this card and Bow and Arrows or Intimidation and you got yourself a powerful ally.

King Richards’ Crown *

Copies: 1 | Cost: 1

If Prince John is at this card’s location, all card costs are reduced by one power. Play this card to Friar Tuck’s Church since it has two play a card actions and will maximize your savings.

Warrant *

Copies: 3 | Cost: 1

Warrant gives you two power each time a hero is played to its location. Place this card to Friar Tuck’s Church, since it has a gain two power action, and it will deter your opponents from playing heroes here. Whatever you do, do not play Warrant to The Jail. Your opponent isn’t likely to play heroes here.

Prince John’s Card Stats

Disney Villainous Prince John's Card Types

Prince John has a pretty even split between allies, effects, and items. He has more ally cards than any other card type in his deck, so it’s important to know which allies are the most important to you. Be sure to look at his cards above marked with a * to find Prince John’s best cards. 

We can break down Prince John’s cards even further and look at his abilities. This will give us greater insight into the best strategy and how to win.

Prince John’s Abilities Stats

Disney Villainous Prince John's Abilities

Gain Power!

Nearly half of Prince John’s deck is meant to help you gain power. Prince John is a simple villain, he loves one thing and that’s money. That’s all you need to focus on.

Prince John’s Player Board

Prince John's Player Board

Prince John has a unique player board. The Jail location only has three actions and they are all located at the bottom, so no hero can block these actions. Let’s break down which locations are the most useful to him.

Sherwood Forest

The four actions at Sherwood Forest include:

  • Gain 1 Power
  • Discard
  • Play a Card
  • Fate

Both gain power and discard are in the top position so these are the ones that are at risk of being covered by a hero card.

The only real useful action here is the gain power action. You can use discard to get rid of your basic ally cards with non-helpful abilities and other high-cost cards. 

Friar Tuck’s Church

The four actions at Friar Tuck’s Church include:

  • Gain 2 Power
  • Play a Card
  • Play a Card
  • Move an Item or Ally

Both gain power and play a card are in the top position so these are the ones that are at risk of being covered by a hero card.

This is your second most useful location. The gain power action here is essential to your goal. This will make it a target for heroes. You can prepare for the inevitable swarm of heroes by playing Sir Hiss here so you can have access to the gain power action.

This location also has two play a card actions. Plenty of chances to play cards that gain power or have no cost.


The four actions at Nottingham include:

  • Fate
  • Gain 1 Power
  • Vanquish
  • Play a Card

Both fate and gain power are in the top position so these are the ones that are at risk of being covered by a hero card.

Everything here is fairly useless. The gain one power action isn’t great compared to other locations. There is a vanquish action here if you need to defeat Robin Hood or King Richard though.

The Jail

The three actions at The Jail are:

  • Gain 3 Power
  • Play a Card
  • Discard

This is your most useful location for several reasons. For starters, there are no actions here that can be covered by hero cards. The gain three power action is going to be your main source of power so you need to move to The Jail as often as possible. You also have all of the essential actions like discard and play a card.

How to Win as Prince John

So now that you know how to play as Prince John and how his mechanics work, let’s take a look at these tips to win as Prince John in Disney Villainous.

Long Term Investments

Unless you’re playing against Maleficent then you have the simplest goal to keep tabs on. This means you are going to be fated a lot and you can kiss your hard-earned power goodbye. 

Use cards like Warrant, Sheriff of Nottingham, and Sir Hiss to help add to your flow of power.

Ignore Most Heroes

Ignore all the heroes in your realm and you won’t need to worry about spending power to replace allies. The exception being King Richard and Robin Hood as these two heroes directly affect your power flow.

Quite a few of Prince John’s cards give you power from having heroes in your realm like Beautiful, Lovely Taxes so having a few around won’t hurt.

Is the Cost Worth It?

As Prince John, you need to weigh your options and figure out if it’s worth paying the power to do so. For example, it isn’t worth paying to play an ally to defeat Little John and taking back that four power he stole when it’s easier to just move to The Jail and gain three power. 

How to Beat Prince John

Prince John has one of the simplest goals in Disney Villainous, so if you don’t stay on top of him he can very easily take the win. Here are a few tips to help stop Prince John from winning.

Fate Him Over and Over

Prince John has one of the simplest goals to complete. He can very easily take the win if left unchecked. You want to get hero cards in Prince John’s realm before he has a chance to play Warrant to locations. Warrant gives him two power every time a hero is played to its’ location so getting heroes out quickly will avoid this effect.

Keep Your Power Below Six

Prince John has a card called Greed which allows him to gain three power if an opponent has six or more power. He has three Greed cards so he can really make bank off of you, so don’t give him the chance.

Where Should You Play Heroes?

Friar Tuck’s Church is the best place to send heroes. This will cover up the gain two power action. Now, if Prince John has Sir Hiss at this location then placing a hero here doesn’t do much good since Sir Hiss allows Prince John to use one ability which is covered by a hero. In this case, you should send heroes to Nottingham. This will at least cover up a gain power action and a fate action.

Prince Johns’s Fate Cards

Prince John's Fate Cards

Note: Cards with a * next to them are the most important to stop Prince John.


Copies: 1 | Strength: 2

Alan-A-Dale may not be the strongest hero, but his ability gives all other heroes in Prince John’s realm an additional one strength. If there are a lot of heroes in his realm then this card will make it that much harder on Prince John.

Clever Disguise *

Copies: 3

Clever Disguise makes the attached hero unable to be defeated. At any time Prince John can pay two power to discard this card. This will really make Prince John mad, especially if you attach it to Little John.

Friar Tuck

Copies: 1 | Strength: 3

When played, Friar Tuck is able to discard all Warrants from his location. So if Prince John is stacking Warrants at one location then Friar Tuck will be able to clean house.

King Richard *

Copies: 1 | Strength: 5

King Richard prevents Prince John from playing effects cards. This will set Prince John back quite a bit since his effect cards give him power.

Lady Kluck *

Copies: 1 | Strength: 6

Lady Kluck can’t be played or move to The Jail. This will force Prince John to have to deal with Lady Kluck to get back the actions she is covering. Which won’t be easy since she is quite strong.

Little John *

Copies: 1 | Strength: 5

When played, Little John takes up to four power from Prince John and stores it. When defeated, the power is returned to Prince John. This card will aggravate Prince John a lot.

Maid Marian

Copies: 1 | Strength: 3

When defeated, Maid Marian allows you to find Robin Hood and play him to her location. Hopefully Robin Hood isn’t in play when she is defeated, this way you will wind up getting two heroes from a single fate action.

Robin Hood *

Copies: 1 | Strength: 5

Robin Hood reduces the amount of power that Price John gains from both cards and actions by one. This will really hurt Prince John since it will limit the locations where he can gain power to Friar Tuck’s Church and The Jail.


Copies: 1 | Strength: 2

Skippy cannot be defeated by Wolf Archers. Since they are one of Price John’s most common ally cards it will make Skippy a bit harder to defeat.

Steal From the Rich *

Copies: 3

Steal From the Rich allows you to take four power from Prince John and place it on a hero card. When that hero is defeated, Prince John regains that power. Little John has this same ability so don’t place the power on him as this will make him too easy of a target.  


Copies: 1 | Strength: 2

When defeated, Toby is shuffled back into Prince John’s fate deck. I don’t like this card because it will make it harder for you to find better heroes to play if he is constantly being shuffled back into the fate deck.

Conclusion – Villainous Strategy for Prince John

Prince John has a very simple goal, to gain 20 power. This will make it very easy for your opponents to keep tabs on you. The moment you start getting close to double digits you’re in for it. This goal does make for a fun challenge. In a nutshell, Prince John’s strategy is this:

Save Your Power

Cut costs wherever you can. Try not to play allies like Rhino Guards and Wolf Archers since they don’t help you complete your goal. Focus on finding Sir Hiss or Sherriff of Nottingham as they will help you gain more power. Attach Golden Arrow to them and they can defeat heroes without being discarded.

Ignore Heroes

Only King Richard and Robin Hood directly affect your power flow, so you can save time and power by ignoring all the other heroes.

Utilize The Jail

The Jail’s actions can not be covered by heroes, so take advantage and move here as often as possible to get your power.

I hope you enjoyed Prince John’s strategy guide. If you did check out our guides for Captain Hook, Jafar, Maleficent, Queen of Hearts, and Ursula.

Or if you would like to know my thoughts on the game as a whole check out our Disney Villainous Review.