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Hey Cutie : The Tabletop Dating Simulator Game Kickstarter

Hey Cutie : The Tabletop Dating Sim

Hey Cutie is a dating simulator game currently on Kickstarter. This isn’t your average dating sim though. This one comes in the form of a card game for 2-5 players.

This card game takes all of the tropes you would find in any online dating simulator games and packs it into a tiny package. The goal of the game is to flirt with and date your crushes and appeal to their needs. How you may ask?

Flirt cards allow you to use pick up lines, flex your muscles, tell a joke, whatever it takes to impress your crush. This game really leans into the weird and comedic aspect of dating simulator games. Oh and who might you be dating?

How about vampires, cyborgs, and nine tailed fox goddess’? Yeah I told you this game gets weird. But that isn’t all that is in this game. I mean you have to look good for your dates right?

Well this games has got you covered. You can wear something like a backpack with a cute puppy inside to make yourself more adorable. Not your style? How about a rocket launcher to intimidate other suitors?

Overall I think this game looks like a silly fun card game that really leans into the comedy aspect and I think it is worth checking out.

Players: 2-5

Play Time: 30-45 Min

Age: 14+

From the Campaign:

Make yourself more appealing to potential romantic partners, put on outfits and accessories to go out in style, and throw your opponents under the bus – all’s fair in love and board games.

The person who best manages their dating life will end up the victor and maybe, just maybe, find that special someone.

The campaign is already funded with only a few days left to go.

Click here to see the campaign.