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Kaiju Exchange

Are you a fan of Kaiju films? Ever wonder what happens after the war with these titanic size monsters is won? It turns out their biomass is the key to the next step in technological advancement. You and your friends will compete in a race to fulfill the market’s demand for Kaiju biomass by trading and producing them.
From the Campaign:

After stopping the rampage of financial monsters from destroying the world in the events from Debtzilla, top scientists discovered that the biomass left behind by the now slumbering monsters is extremely valuable.

It led to an explosive demand for biomass material and nations scrambled to gather and trade these materials. As the leader of a biomass production start-up, it falls upon your shoulders to secure essential biomass materials and reap the benefits of this global demand to keep the coffers flowing.

The campaign is half way funded with a few weeks left to go.

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