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Mint Condition Comics Kickstarter Preview

Mint Condition Comics Kickstarter

Note: This is a game preview. Any rules or components featured may be different from the final, published game. You can find more information about our promotional services here.

Mint Condition Comics Rules

Mint Condition Comics is a set collection card game where players will search through stacks of comics, trade with the comic shop, and trade with other players to complete their collection.


The setup for the game is simple. On the table you will have:

  • Comic Book Shop. Here players are able to trade in their comics for other comics they may need to complete their collection.
  • Comic Piles. There are 3 comic piles from which players will be able to search for comics to complete their sets. Each pile has 2 face down comic cards. Next to this pile is the comic card deck.
  • Scoring Cards. There are 6 of these scoring cards, 1 for each set of comics, which tell you how many points you will receive depending on how many comics you have for that set.
  • Hot Comic. 1 of the 6 scoring cards will be randomly selected as the hot comic. This set will be worth an additional 6 points to the player with the most cards in this set.
  • Rounds Bonus. There are also a few end of round bonus cards. One of these cards will be selected at the beginning of the round. Some of the bonuses include things like: duplicate comic issues, loose comics, etc..
  • Secret Power. Each player will receive a secret power card which they may use once per round. For example one secret power lets you use the card as a comic of any set to help you score more points.
Mint Condition Comics
Game Setup

Turns Phases:

  1. Trade Comics. Players are able to trade their comics with either the comic shop or another player. You may only do one not both. On the first turn no one has comics to trade so you will skip this phase.
    • Note: Trades are based on a rarity system. Rare (R) is the highest rarity, then Uncommon (U), and finally Common (C).
    • Trading with Players. A player may trade one of their comics for a loose comic from another player collection. Loose comics are comics in a player’s collection that do not belong to a set.
    • Trading with the Comic Shop. Here players can either trade one of their comics that has a higher rarity for 2 comics of a lower rarity. Or trade 2 of their comics of a lower rarity for any 1 comic.
  2. Pick Piles. During this phase the play picks up the third pile from the draw pile and can either choose to keep the pile or pass.
    • Keep. If you keep the pile, replenish the pile spot with 2 new cards drawn from the deck and then move to the next phase
    • Pass. If you pass on the pile then place it back in its spot and add to it 1 face down card drawn from the deck, then continue to pick the next pile. If you pass on all 3 piles, draw 2 cards from the deck and continue to next phase.
  3. Manage Collection. You then add the cards that you picked face up to your collection. You must either add them to a set or create a new set in the case of doubles or loose comics.
Mint Condition Comics
Player Comic Collection

Ending a Round:

When both the deck and all 3 piles run out, players will take one last turn until it reaches back to the first player. After this you move on to scoring your comics.


  • Sets. Players score their sets by using the scoring cards. Depending on the size of each set you add the point value to your score.
  • Bonus VP. Some comics may give bonus points which are declared on the comic card.
  • Hot Comic. The player you has the most comics, including duplicates and loose comics, in this set gains 6 points.
  • Round Bonus. The player that completed the round bonus will gain the points indicated on the bonus card.

The game is played over 3 rounds so save your scores and restart the game adding your points for the next two rounds to your original score.

The player with the highest final score wins the game!


  • Theme. I think Mint Condition Comics is a really unique idea for a game. I’m a huge fan of comics and have a modest collection of my own. This game does a good job of giving you that feeling of finding a rare comic.
  • Quick and Easy. You can burn through a round of the Mint Condition Comics board game in just a few minutes. To play all three rounds you should be able to breeze through this game in 30 minutes. The rules are simple and you can get this game setup and going quickly.
  • Trading. I really like the inclusion of a trading mechanic. It really helps the theme and works pretty well for the most part. It adds a bit more strategy to Mint Condition Comics because you need to think which comics will benefit you, but you don’t want to give your opponent a comic that they can score from.


  • None. 

Recommended For

  • Fans of Set Collection Games and Comics: If you are a fan of comics then the theme alone is enough to draw you into this game. If your not, I still think that Mint Condition Comics is a solid set collection game and is worth your time.

Final Thoughts

Mint Condition Comics is an absolute blast and is a super well themed set collection game. Whether you are a fan of comics or not I think you will really get a kick out of this game.

If the Mint Condition Comics board game sounds like the type of game you’d enjoy, you can check out the Kickstarter campaign for more information, or to become a backer.

We don’t post ratings for preview copies as the components and rules may change from the final game. Please check back with us after the game is produced for a full review.