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Station Master – The Classic Train Board Game Kickstarter

Station Master

Station Master was originally published back in 2004 by Mayfair games and it has now returned! This time it is being published by Calliope Games. They are behind some of my favorite lightweight games such as Tsuro.

Station Master is a train building board game in which players will be working at the train station attaching rail cars and boarding passengers. What makes this game appealing is that the gameplay is simple and it’s a game the whole family can enjoy.

Each train card has a number showing how many rail cars and passengers can be added to your train. On their turn the play will either add a rail car or add a passenger.

Once the train reaches its max amount of rail cars it leaves the station. Players then score their train by adding up the values on their rail cars and passengers.

If you are a train enthusiast or if you are just looking for a fun train themed board game then this may be the game for you.

Players: 2-6

Play Time: 30-50 Min

Ages: 8+

From the Campaign:

Station Master is a train-themed card game for 2-6 players. In the game, players are working at the station, attaching railcars to Locomotives and boarding passengers on trains, trying to score the most Efficiency Points to win!

We have restored this timeless train game, creating stunning all-new artwork based on classic locomotives, railcars, and railroad history. In addition, we have refined and streamlined the rules for modern audiences, as well as adding in upgrades and new material to create the greatest possible Station Master experience!

The campaign is nearly funded with a few weeks left to go.

Click here to see the campaign.