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Stronghold: Undead

The 2009 award winning game Stronghold is back and is on kickstarter now. In this new edition, Stronghold: Undead,  one player will act as the invader, summoning the army of the undead and casting spells in order to break through the castle walls within 7 rounds. The other player will be the defender trying to keep the invader at bay and hold down the castle for 7 rounds.
From the Campaign:

Stronghold: Undead is a complex game designed specifically for two players. It may be compared to games like Star Wars Rebellion or Twilight Struggle—it takes approximately two hours to play, and offers players a variety of interesting strategies and options. With five Defender buildings each offering four unique actions, and 24 unique spells for the Invader, the core game offers countless permutations of tactical decisions and situations. In this campaign, we aim to unlock many mini-expansions, like CouncilPhantom Dragon, or Bone Thrower, each of which would offer many new options to experienced players.

The campaign is already funded with a week left to go.

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